Saturday, February 22, 2020
 Emotional And Mental Health

8 Winning Ways To Handle Everyday Stress

Distressed man with a hand on his forehead

Can't cope with the stressful situations that life throws at you?

Feel you cannot handle the pressures and stresses of everyday life?

If you're on your last nerve because of your frantic and frenetic life you'll need to de-stress. A de-stressing self-care plan is critical to your wellbeing. Unchecked stress is damaging to your overall health.

Ably managing your stress will prevent it from spiralling out of control. When you feel more in control of undue or bothersome stress, you can assertively handle the way you respond.

There are many healthy ways to cope with stress however, the key is to take appropriate action as soon as you recognize the symptoms.

Once you have determined the nature or sources of your stress make every effort to skillfully manage it each day. Do not let your stress move on into an overwhelming state.

Here are eight winning tips to deal with worrisome stress

  1. Take a loving time out. Seize some 'me-time' to purposely take care of your emotional and physical wellbeing.
  2. Slow Down. Put the brakes on your frazzle and decide to be in control of events that are circulating around you. Unwind and have some stress-free breaks they are a must-have.
  3. Try to curtail unhealthy stress responses to tasks that are pending. Simply focus on how you intend to react to a problem and realize that there are some things you cannot change
  4. Being organized and minimizing the clutter in daily living can be quite helpful for de-stressing.
  5. Managing your stress requires some organizing. Instead of thinking about all the things you have to do and worrying about them you will need to develop a manageable list of 'to do' for each day. 
  6. A realistic 'to do list' can guide your activities in a more organized and controllable way to help you accomplish pending tasks and deal with pertinent issues.  Be pre-emptive simply take a few contemplative minutes for yourself each morning before you tackle the day's tasks
  7. Your body can get bottled up and tight when you are under physical and emotional stress. If you are particularly tense, you should practice some actions that relieve muscle tension
  • Releasing tension is priority. Often tension and anxiety make your perception of stress much worse than it is
  • Stretching can relax tight muscles in your neck, shoulder and other taut areas of your body. A  body massage can be one of your go to remedies as it is agreat stress reliever
  • Relax and enjoy some time-out and take advantage of restful and calming moments.
  • Do not forget to try hanging onto your sense of humour.

      8. Grabbing time for enough sleep is necessary and critical to alleviating stress.

  • Quality sleep is a natural cannot do without medicine.
  • Rest and sound sleep are the natural healers to help you deal with stress.
  • Good sleep is soothing it can help you to awaken feeling refreshed and calmer.
  • After a good night's sleep youre more likely to wake up with a new attitude toward the day ahead and maybe some new solutions to the stressor.

It is important to put a ceiling on mounting tiresome stress, to live in balance.  Just remember if undue stress is your constant companion it is essential to ably manage your sources of stress so that you can have full wellness.