Sunday, December 08, 2019
 Emotional And Mental Health

Best Time-Out Tips When Emotionally Overwhelmed

Guy holding time out sign

Are you bouncing off  walls? Feel like the world is closing in on you and it all seems too much to bear? Well you need to stop. breathe and make adult time-outs a priority in your life.

Sometimes just meeting the demands placed upon you can be overbearing or appear burdensome or put you in a tailspin. When you feel overwhelmed it is a good thing to take a personal time-out to relax and de-stress without the pressure of social interactions, regular tasks and work.

It does not have to be a full vacation break. Time out simply tweaks what is essentially your racing against time and the way you are running yourself ragged.

It is worthwhile to call a full stop and temporarily check-out, if you want to efficiently and without undue stress meet all of your expectations, goals and responsibilities.

You need to have some time to recoup, regroup and re-energize and that is what adult time outs gives you. Adult time outs stimulate a much needed rejuvenation.

Here are 10 great tips about adult time-outs

  1. Exhale, come up for air, take a breather, put your feet up and relax.
  2. Sometimes it is good to take time to be alone, to just be, to accept yourself as your own best friend and to get along with yourself by yourself. Having some time that is totally dedicated to you is of value to your well-being.
  3. Surrender to your aloneness, discover how to enjoy your own companionship, your own humour and how to laugh at yourself. Learning to appreciate and be comfortable with yourself is essential for mental wellness
  4. Taking alone time for a day or more means eliminating the distractions; turning off the TV, the phones, the headphones, the cell phone, the Internet and all your electronic devices.
  5. You need to temporarily ditch all things that stressfully engross your day-to-day living.That may even mean choosing to shrink from, rebuff or temporarily put off connections with people
  6. Totally pamper yourself with some leisurely and pleasurable moments that bring you peace joy and comfort .
  7. Taking a timeout can give you what you need toget you in touch with the way you're feeling and to understand how you are really feeling before you try to express that feeling.
  8. When it comes to feelings they can sometimes be overwhelming and can inundate your body with symptoms of ill health. A time out can curb a burnout before it takes hold.
  9. Emotions are a normal part of life however, managing them in a positive way is critical to your wellbeing. Time outs can calm you down and help you avoid instances in which your emotions dictate unhelpful behaviours and responses
  10. Periodic time outs give you an opportunity for a time of reflection and to put things into perspective. It will help you lower stress or it can help you to identify or reflect and to work through emotional wounds that are hanging on..

When you feel overwhelmed, take the time to support your mental and emotional health with self-care choices like taking time out. Make it a reality it can be a winning strategy to help you stay mentally well.

Refresh yourself by disconnecting every so often for a  period of time from everyday life and the world's chaotic goings-on. Lovingly rejuvenate and enhance your mental wellness.