Wednesday, July 17, 2019
 Emotional And Mental Health

Is It Merely Sadness Or Depression?

Depressed young girl.

Not sure if you're just down in the dumps , sad or truly depressed? Well, it is essential to distinguish between sadness and depression.

When you're depressed, it is more than merely feeling intensely sad. The sadness of depression can occur for no reason at all and can linger on for a long time.

Depression can be mild or major and of varied intensities. You can experience depression in bouts or as a prolonged chronic condition. Each type of depression displays some similar but different signs and symptoms.

Depression is a form of mental illness that can affect your emotional state, mood, activity levels and even thought processes. Emotionally you could have mood swings, problems concentrating, remembering details or making decisions. You can manifest thoughts of being useless, hopeless, being excessively guilty or pessimistic.

 There can also be emotional turmoil, or irrational behaviours, crying easily, or feeling like crying. In some cases suicidal thoughts do take hold and attempts are made. Moreover it is not unusual for a depressed person to lose touch with reality or hear voices.

Depression impairs essential areas of daily functioning such as occupational, social and all aspects of your life. It  brings with it a loss of interest and enjoyment in activities and people, that once were pleasurable, as well withdrawal from family members and friends. On the other hand this is how sadness differs from depression even though it is regularly confused with depression

Sadness is an emotion that everyone feels at certain times during their life.To be clear sadness is a normal reaction to situations that cause emotional upset or pain.Sad feelings can be due to a loss, losing a job, a loved one, disappointment, problems, a sudden tragedy or illness, or other difficult situations. 

At times you're bound to feel a little down in the dumps because of pressures from school, work, family or everyday life. Any of these can take their mental toll and sadness can creep in.The emotion of sadness serves to remind you of what matters to you and what gives meaning to your life. 

Sadness is a temporary emotion that fades with time, there are varying degrees of sadness but, unlike depression it does not impair you from going about your daily life.

Without beating around the bush depression is a  serious mental illness that  interferes with daily functioning. Keep in mind that depression is treatable so talk to your doctor about treatments and remember that all depression types are not the same.