Saturday, June 15, 2019
 Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Select Smart Healthy Choices Keep Your Heart Robust.

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It is your heart love and care for it.

To keep your heart  strong you'll need to think seriously about your heart's health. Because, heart attacks and even strokes can be prevented.

You have to be heart smart because unhealthy lifestyle behaviours put you at risk for cardiovascular disease, hypertension and stroke. 5 Simple lifestyle changes can boost your heart's health.

The choice is yours, here are some great lifestyle tips that are effective in protecting yourself against heart disease.

 1. Heart smart dietary habits supports a healthy heart for a long life.  A heart-healthy diet contains the proper foods and the right caloric intake. Changing your food habits are very important it is prudent to eat heart-healthy foods every day.

Eat the right foods that are good for your heart, have plenty of veggies, eat high-quality protein, and healthy fats. Cut some fats from your diet and keep the Trans-fats low. Use monounsaturated fats like those found in olive oil it is a good for you oil.

Don't forget to include the omega-3 fatty acids in your diet because they help to raise the good HDL cholesterol. Eating a diet high in Omega-3 fish oils is healthier, for example, salmon, mackerel, and sardines are excellent sources of Omega-3. And steer clear of saturated fats start choosing only low-fat dairy foods and skim milk instead of whole milk.

Make use of plenty of fruits, vegetables and increase whole grain foods high in natural fibre in your food choices.  Remember to watch out for excess carbohydrates.

Be cautious when it comes to the use of salt it causes your body to retain water, your heart  works harder and may contribute to high blood pressure. Sodium is present naturally. It is also included  many foods and in many prepared, processed and packaged foods so minimize these foods or eliminate them all together from your food choices.

 2. Observe careful portion control because your heart loves that you control your weight gain. It is important to strive to keep within a close range of ideal body weight. Being overweight and obese are risk factors for heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases. Exercise plays a key role in weight loss and helps lower high blood pressure which is a trigger for heart disease

 3. Exercise is an essential activity to enhance your heart's health. Not exercising can put you at greater risk for many health problems including stroke, heart attack and risk factors for heart disease. If it is feasible, always participate in a carefully planned exercise program but regardless simply get sufficient regular exercise.

Be physically active walking or biking every day or exercising at least one hour per week, all  will contribute to giving you a healthy stronger heart. Take the stairs rather than the elevator. Also park your car at the farthest part of the parking lot, so you get that extra walk.

Drinking alcohol can increase your blood pressure levels and this can contribute to heart disease. However alcohol, particularly red wine, is not truly the hearts enemy but everything in moderation.

 4. It is judicious to stay away from smoking since it can increase your risk of heart attack and even stroke. In addition there has been some new research findings that indicate the bacteria in gum disease can spark inflammation that damages your blood vessels. So ensure you get regular dental care as this may decrease your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

 5.  Stress can be a game changer to your life as stress levels can be detrimental to your overall health including your heart. It is important to relieve or minimize your tension and stress. Why not have a stress buster plan in place and apply it to reduce everyday stresses.

Such simple changes are smart decisions for your heart's health and by implementing these changes you can reap benefits that improve your overall health. With a solid commitment and determination on your part, these changes can be easily and conveniently included in your everyday living.

Just remember to pamper your heart always you need it for life.