Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Castor Oil Delivers Noteworthy Skincare Benefits

Castor oil poured into spoon.

Some natural oils are just filled to overflowing with goodness and castor oil is one of the most multi-health-giving oils. Castor oil is packed with health giving goodness.

Castor oil has lots of remarkable health benefits it is full of fatty acids, specifically omega-3 fatty acids proteins, and omega-6 and-9. The unsaturated fatty acid Ricinoleic found in castor oil has many healing properties.

Lymph nodes act as the body's natural filters and castor oil supports the body's lymphatic system. This oil helps boost immunity and has strong immune-enhancing effects. As well when it is used topically it increases the external defence mechanisms of your body .

When it comes to skin care, its antibacterial, anti fungal and anti-microbial properties target underlying causes of skin disorders. Castor oil contains certain beneficial basics that function primarily as skin-conditioning agents

Benefits for Skin care

  • Castor oil infuses deep into the skin, to fights bacteria overgrowth that can clog pores.
  • Fights skin disorders, fungal infections, growth of viruses
  • Calms irritated and itching skin
  • The omega-3s hydrate the skin, while stimulating the growth of healthy tissue
  • Its a great moisturizer that softens and makes skin look smoother, softer, and supple
  • Used topically it can help fights signs of aging, fade blemishes and reduces pigmentation
  • It slows down and delay signs of aging, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • This oil penetrates deeply and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
  • The antimicrobial properties make it effective for treating minor cuts and scratches and  for clearing the skin of spots and marks
  • It can help heal skin inflammation caused by sunburns and reduces swelling and skin inflammations of all sorts.
  • As a sunburn soothing agent, castor oils anti-inflammatory properties reduce pain and redness.
  • It is a natural lip balm for treating chapped or sun-burnt lips.

The healing properties of castor oil makes it a valuable item in your list of what to do for taking care of your good health