Saturday, September 18, 2021
 Emotional And Mental Health

Be Less Critical Of 'Self'

Written sign it is okay to make mistakes

Guilt is all consuming so be less critical of yourself and give yourself permission to see you from a more balanced perspective.

You are often your own worst critic and may very well be just too harsh on yourself. The key is to stop beating yourself up and be aware of how much you criticize yourself. Personal appraisals should not be done to the point of destroying who you are.

You will need to rethink; reshape and re-evaluate long held jself-udgments. Strive to circumvent thoughts which push you towards a sense of defectiveness. Re-evaluate both your positives and negatives in a more balanced way.

Everyone desires to feel good about self and yearn that others might hold great thoughts about them. Unfortunately this is not always how things turn out. To honestly evaluate one's self is a difficult task but, honesty in self assessment is critical for growth and change 

Do not be inclined to conveniently ignore your faults because an honest self appraisal is challenging.

You need to clear some clutter. it is essential to acknowledge shortcomings and to overcome low self-esteem. When you think,and  feel better about yourself, you will make better personal assessments, be far less critical of yourself. You will consider your well as your wins,sucesses and accomplishments.

Your goal should be improvement not to hurt and put yourself down  

Focus on how you can positively build upon your actions or behaviors to do better.

Remember words matter they are powerful.The choice is yours, so 'Pamper You' with the right words because negative self criticism is destructive..