Tuesday, October 19, 2021
 Emotional And Mental Health

Envy Hurts: Live Fully Your Own Life

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Stop wishing and live fully your own life because envy can set you up for self-sabotage.

Envy can create covetousness and yield a yearning or be hankering after what others appear to possess.
However, all that glitters is not gold, so stop wishing for the same as someone who seems to get or have everything they want.
Nobody Has It All: You may look at a person or someone else's life and think that they are 'all ok'. Yet, you can never tell the reality of that person's life just by looking on from the outside.

You do not know the struggles, ups-and-downs, or their experience of pain, burdens or defeats because you are only viewing what appears to be the success.

Just keep in mind that you have to walk a mile in another person's shoes or be under their roof to grasp the true reality of their life.

Discontent:  Envy and jealousy go hand in hand. Envy and jealousy can set you up for self-sabotage by distracting you from what you need to do to solve your own problems or circumstances.

When you're jealous, you tend to focus on everything you aren't, everything you haven't done and on what you do not have. it's important that you focus on what's really wrong with your situation.

Learn what you can do to advance and grasp the next opportunity that's placed before you.

Stop Comparing: Just remember that to live your best prosperous life you have to welcome and value an honest look at yourself.  An Envious attitude engenders in you resentful, jealous and covetous behaviours.

Overcoming envious behaviour calls for you to take a long hard look at yourself, to examine what stuff or things ignite envy in you. Re-evaluate whatever your behaviour if you want to cull your envy. 

Build on your evaluation to improve and to work on yourself. Simply make a choice to never stop learning, growing or discovering and always find room to improve.

Break-Free: Focus on what you really need not just what you want. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that your life is not that bad after all. Often it may mean stepping out of your comfort zones to do something that you or others are afraid to do.

You'll likely have to get your hands dirty and to do things to change your lot or to change how you approach life and life issues. You must embrace change and explore new ways to incorporate the big future that's laid out before you.

Triumphing: There are simply no shortcuts to the top; it's up to you to seize every opportunity that comes your way. Your success may be just around the corner perhaps it is just a matter of failing and then getting back up and going at it over and over again.

Everyone makes mistakes and chances are the more successful you are, the more mistakes you've made. Learn from your blunders and move on and be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Just dont give up or fall in morose and develop an envy and jealousy for those whom you see succeeding.

Be Authentic: Lighten up on yourself when failure comes your way.Treat yourself kindly in the face of failure, defeat, rejection, and other negative events or circumstances.

Take pride in your person-hood for the progress that you've made thus far.

Contentment: In addition, be conscious of ways to keep moving forward. Be content with what you have, even if you are not content with who you are right now. Gratitude matters so count your blessings, keep striving.

Being thankful will do a lot for your well-being both physically and emotionally. Break free from envy, youll to be better able to live life happier and to the fullest.