Young man laughing loudlyLaugh Heartily It Is Good For Health And Well-being Christine Clark

A cheerful and energetic chuckle from the bottom of your heart is needed anytime and is pivotal to your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Laughter has many physiological benefits and is medicine for health and healing.

  • Laughter sets in a good workout for your diaphragm and internal organs.
  • Laughter's internal workout expands your lungs, improves your blood circulation, and increases the supply of oxygen in the bloodstream, which in turn does your brain good.
  • Laughter boosts your immune system by releasing certain endorphins that affect your emotions.
  • Hearty laughter also reduces potentially detrimental stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. It is a therapeutic solution to manage stress and is even helpful in staving off depression.
  • Life's issues do not feel so threatening or burdensome when you laugh.
  • Laughter can put you in a better mood and even get you on your way to a more positive outlook to release pent-up emotions and enjoy the moments.
  • Vigorous laughter decreases the sensation and intensity of pain because of the release of natural pain-killing endorphins in brain chemicals.

 Make laughter your go-to and must-have healing balm.

Laugh wholehearted, laugh out loud, and do it now and often. Engage laughter as a part of your daily self-care remedy for living a good and healthy life.   There is much to laugh heartily about in everyday living.

You do not have to wait for a special occasion to laugh or for that special- show or someone else to trigger your laughter buttons.

If you do not have anything to laugh about, just laugh at yourself for good health. 

Share laughter with family, friends, and relationships. Laughter naturally happens if you let it. You do not have to purchase, and there is no charge.