Wednesday, November 25, 2020
 Emotional And Mental Health

Manage Defeats: Take Steps To Start Over

Black man looking worried holding his forehead

A friend who was in despair sapped of total strength, and vim reached out to me. Uncertainty at work and the day to day struggles seemed to overwhelm him.

It was clear that he needed a listening ear, to hear words other than his own because his assessment of himself was overly harsh.

He needed to be reassured that optimism still mattered. Even though he was living through uncertainty, fear, doubt, and felt that there is no future for 'Himself.

Here are twelve tips to take note.

  1. Even though you may not have it all together, it is your responsibility to replace negativity and doubt.  Put to sleep any such thinking patterns.
  2.  Examine your current storms with a new and different lens to gain new perspectives and a reality check.
  3. Negative thinking impedes progress. Try to control how and what you think.
  4. When hard times happen, stand tall despite the circumstances ahead of you. Do not buckle under or give up.
  5. Believe in yourself. You have been resilient thus far, hold on and remember that your words and thoughts have power.
  6. Your words have the power to either help you overcome or be defeated.  Be mindful  because your words affect you and others
  7. A right attitude and thoughts are essential to challenge and change internal and spoken dialogue.
  8. It is best to speak positives into your life, keeping in mind that the words you use and the vibes they give have a lasting impact.
  9. Even if the situation you are dealing with is difficult to remain hopeful about a brighter future.
  10. Remember the good times and to enjoy what is happening around you.
  11.  Let go of fears; let go of any lack of enthusiasm, manage the situation, and learn from the experience. Keep in mind that every day is a time or chance for rebirth, to triumph, and rise above overwhelming challenges.
  12. Communicate and use your gifted abilities to prevail over obstacles.

Have your eyes focused on the success that maybe? You need to look ahead and chose not to be discouraged. Embrace change and believe that change can be a good thing.

The best approach is to make every effort to stay optimistic and confident during the dark periods of your life. Do not be knocked down by life's curveballs rise.