Saturday, June 19, 2021
 Emotional And Mental Health

Stand Strong. Be Encouraged Even In Daunting Times

Words trust your choices

Is your assessment of Self overly harsh?

A friend was feeling lost, stressed, and full of despair.The uncertainty at work and day-to-day struggles seemed to overwhelm and demoralize him.

His assessment of himself was exceedingly harsh. The destructive self-criticism that had crept into his life was causing him intense stress.

It was clear that he needed a listening ear, a reality check to hear words other than his own. In unexpected stressful times like these it is important but often tough to believe in yourself.

On the contrary, while under pressure it is not the time to give up or to doubt yourself. You will need to aim beyond any misgivings to put together a new set of realistic goals.

Your goal should be to stay reinvigorated, encouraged and expectant. To adapt and do what will increase your chances of once again feeling useful, confident, and affirmed.

How to Stay Encouraged:

  1. Be steadfast keep standing despite current circumstances.
  2. Speak positives into your life, look inward and find your greatest strength.
  3. Remember that words have power, be careful of the words you say about yourself.
  4. Words have a lasting impact and the ability to make or break your spirit, and how you cope with life.
  5. You must keep on believing in You.
  6. Maintaining self-compassion will help you deal more realistically with anxiety, depression, or feelings that you are not perfect. But keep in mind no one is perfect.
  7. Self-compassion truly matters. Self-compassion produces feelings of kindness towards yourself, and increased optimism.

You may not like your current circumstances or you feel that you have not dealt a fair hand. Even so, tough it out, do the best you can. 

Engage Hope And Steadfastness:

  1. Look ahead and chose not to be discouraged. It pays to set lofty and unreachable goals and to imagine.
  2. Live with hope in your heart, dream big because where would you be without dreams.
  3. You cannot let failure destroy you. Put extra work in and stop standing in your way. Take it easy on yourself.
  4. Stay focussed. Each day is a time of rebirth and a chance to reinvent yourself.
  5. Let go of failures, let go of fears, let go of any lack of enthusiasm. Let go of unhelpful attachments and clear away the clutter.
  6. Let your values be reflected in your living and guide you.
  7. It is up to you to create life moments, live your moments and celebrate you.
  8. Keep your eyes focused on the prize because your possibilities for change re limitless.

Persistence, determination and grit matters when you feel beaten down. You must resolve to triumph.