Wednesday, November 25, 2020
 Emotional And Mental Health

Staying Connected Overcomes Loneliness

Guy sitting on a hill looking lonely

Has loneliness taken hold already or it it creeping into your life? Loneliness is an emotional state. It is not like choosing a period of seclusion or time of solitude.

Humans are social beings desiring the company of others. When lacking such connections, loneliness takes up residence.

Loneliness can be harmful to your health. It is more than a temporary or fleeting feeling, it is both an emotionally discomforting, and a painfully physical experience. 

When you feel separated or isolated from the company of others, it is important to identify why you're lonely, to understand the source or reason for your loneliness. And to earnestly take action to rectify what can be an emotion that negatively impacts your quality of life. 

Even though overcoming loneliness can be a challenge, do not stay isolated or be reclusive. It is both healthful and worthwhile to remain connected to friends, family, and community.

Challenging Loneliness: 

When loneliness takes hold of you, view it as an opportunity for growth. It can be the impetus to make needed changes. To improve your relationships, and to enhance your social contacts when it comes to dealing with loneliness.

  • Think about the various ways you have of connecting to others. Chat in person, on the phone or online or attend community events
  • Commit to taking part in things that allow you to feel more connected 
  • Engage in activities that involve groups of people, join program/s or groups that appeal to you.
  • If you have a circle of friends stay in touch. When you show interest in others, they will show interest, want to connect and link up with you.
  • Participate in social opportunities. Often it is the foundation for creating true friendships leading to long-term and lasting relationships. 
  • It is your responsibility to reach out. Do not judge people as not good enough. If you do, youll be closing the door to some good potential friendships.
  • If you're lonely you may be fearful, not feel comfortable letting other people get close to you. However, do not be afraid to challenge yourself to take the initiative in starting a social relationship.
  • The more are approachable, you give of yourself and  share your time the more people will be attracted to you. 
  • It's up to you to create the environment for connections.

To help you manage loneliness speak with a professional counselor.