Saturday, June 19, 2021
 Stress And You

The Covid19 Pandemic Is Testing Your Resiliency

Sign with the word resilience

The ability to overcome calamity, deal ably with upheavals. manage setbacks, to be adaptable to new or difficult situations speak to your ability to be resilient. You have been equipped to be resilient, to bounce back, regulate your emotions, remain calm, and tackle problems.

Covid19 has brought a curveball over which you have no or very little control and it is nerve wracking The stress fears anxieties that accompany this virus is burdensome. Surviving and thriving during this challenging time is a test of your resilience.

Resilience is the ability to skilfully cope with high levels of ongoing adversity, wearisome changes, uncertainties, weighty stresses, or disasters.

When faced with stumbling blocks being resilient will help you respond to, adapt, and cope with the experience.

Adaptability is essential to help strengthen and build your resiliency.

When you can adapt, you can remain psychologically protected and thrive well in the face of adversity.

Resiliency During Covid19 Pandemic:

Determine what you can comfortably cope with and seek out the appropriate help for aspects beyond your ability to handle. Be opened to learn, see the lessons to be learned, be flexible, and think positively. Be willing to change and adjust courses of action to make any needed alterations.

Remind yourself of your strengths, accomplishments, and your ability to respond to and deal successfully with a past crisis. Manage your emotions effectively, express yourself clearly, make use of constructive responses as you deal with problem-solving processes.

Take advantage of what you have learned from your past successes or mistakes. Use the skills developed from your life experiences to mitigate current stress events.

Keep in mind that setbacks are temporary so make the most of your skills and abilities to contend with the challenges of change before you. Do all you can to remain optimistic because optimism goes a long way to helping your problem solve. Move forward despite the uncertainty, resolve to be hopeful and optimistic.

Know your strengths. Likewise, do not let your shortcomings hinder you from striving for the best outcomes. Do not go it alone. Reaching out is essential and not a sign of weakness. Reach out to enlist support for guidance and help. Often the correct social support can lower your stress responses.

Remain confident that the Coivid19 uncertainties and challenges can be boldly met and overcome. Be in command, do not let the situation have power over you. Persevere, block out any thoughts of giving up, be flexible, tough it out, and not be crushed.

Engage your stress management skills, your s elf-compassion, and your encouraging mindset as you draw on your resiliency reserves.

Be assured there is an advantage to being resilient, to bounce back from setbacks. To survive and thrive when faced with unexpected and hectic circumstances.