Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Commit To Changes You Want: Unshackle Your Hang-Ups

Young man looking pensive  with a hand on his chin

 Since you cannot change the past, now is a terrific opportunity to change the future to break free or break out, to look forward with hope, renewed optimism, and great expectations.  

Your change objective is to focus on what would give you the most contentment and what matters most to you and your life.

Change is one of life's best opportunities, it may not be easy, but it can enable you to start over. It can open doors of endless possibilities. 
The key is to adjust each day and reinvigorate yourself along the way. It is easier to manage change one step at a time, bit by bit, not everything at once to overwhelm you.

Changes can be challenging. You may need to overcome fear, negativity, self-blame, or inertia. 

You may also need to do some unshackling in a few areas of your life.
It means emancipating yourself of some attachments, even some people, or some fears and failures of the past.

Dealing with or overcoming these are essential to the change process, as they can be obstacles to moving ahead or achieving successful change.
Keep in mind that life changes continually, so be flexible with your focus and change plan. 

Each day, settle on what it is you want to focus on for that day. What matters on your change journey is today because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Your daily choice of change activity may be something that's is easily accomplished, giving you a feeling of enjoyment or success. 

However, some changes may take more time. Stay the course, hang in there in the face of tough challenges, be committed, be diligent, and attentive to the changes you want to happen. Ultimately it is your achievement of the change that matters.

Change is inevitable. Your life is fueled by change, and change contributes to your personal development. How you want to change depends on you, and it will not happen unless you act. You create the desired change.

As you embrace and accept change, you grow, learn new things, discover new insights, and a better YOU.