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Your feet give clues to your overall health, and regular foot-checks are an essential part of personal health care. 

Your feet are the foundation, affecting your ankles, knees, hips, and lower back. However, feet tend to get the least attention. 

Make the experience of walking, running, standing, or exercising a pleasant occurrence. Do not compromise the health of your feet. They should be comfortable and well-cared.

Chronic problems can develop when your feet lack the attention they need. 

Feet can be afflicted with a variety of painful problems. Common in foot pathology is the heel spur, shin splints, bunions, flat feet, tendonitis, pain, deformity, and peripheral neuropathy.

Circulatory Foot Problems: 

  • Some chronic medical conditions can restrict blood flow to the feet causing. Such conditions cause tingling, cramping, numbness, skin discoloration. In diabetes, you may have a wound or lesion that would not heal. 

 Pain Problems:

  • Arthritis is a common cause of foot pain and is disabling. Pain snatches the life and pleasure out of your feet and movement.
  • Conditions causing inflammation of the bones, ligaments, or tendons are precursors of feet pain.
  • Inflamed bunions, corns, or blisters can be painful. An inflammatory response is the sudden onset of red, hot, swollen, or aching feet.
  • Plantar fasciitis from strained ligaments that support the arch of your feet causes sharp pains in the heel.
  • Gout or inflammatory arthritis, eczema, or sores of the feet are painful conditions that make walking difficult. 
  • Feet infections can develop from an injury or a cut, blister, or skin crack. 
  • Diabetes increases your risk for foot infections. Ingrown toenails can set off an infection. 
  • The yellowness of toenails can occur naturally with age. However, fungal foot infections also show yellow, brittle, or flaking toenails. Fungal infections will cause itchiness peeling, and the nail can become thick, malformed, and cause pain.

For ease of mobility and happy, contented feet, give them tender loving care. Avoid problems with your feet by giving them scheduled preventive care. 

Handle Problems with Your Feet:

  • Attend promptly to changes, which can worsen and cause disabling foot problems.
  • Purchasing functional footwear provides the best foot support and comfort. Poorly fitting shoes cause improper foot functioning. 
  • Choose the appropriate comfortable shoes for the activity you have in mind, a shoe that provides proper gait mechanics.
  • Wear socks to protect your feet and for an additional layer of shielding.

Foot-care Tips:

Feet exercises limbers up the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Use relaxing techniques to loosen the muscles and joints of your feet. Exercises also revitalize your feet during the day. Stretches are helpful for overstressed, tired feet. Point your toes forward, flex, point, and relax. Wiggling your toes is also energizing.

Foot massage encourages blood flow. Treat your feet regularly to home Spa-days. Soak feet in warm water, dry, moisturize, and massage.

Appreciate and pamper your feet. See your healthcare professional if you have concerns about the condition of your feet. If you have severe foot pain, contact your doctor.