Saturday, June 19, 2021
 Your Physical Health And Well Being

Thriving During Difficult Times Of COVID19 Pandemic

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COVID-19 is harmful to mental health. Not surprisingly, stress levels have increased since the pandemic began. The stress of social isolation, quarantining, worry about money, employment is detrimental to wellbeing. 

Sheltering -in -place, physical distancing, anxiety, economic uncertainty, and the daily onslaught of news about coronavirus pandemic can take a heavy toll on your mood. Health concerns play havoc with mental and physical wellness. 

Struggling with the fear, hopelessness, uncertainty, and profound feelings of loss can seem overwhelmingly despairing. Anxiety is a normal and expected reaction to the pandemic, but excess anxiety causes mental impairments. If you already suffer from anxiety, it can worsen.

The lifestyle changes required due to Covid19 can drain your energy it is challenging to get through the day.

You need to understand the changing situation to take the appropriate actions. Even though the external environment is unstable, you still can make choices.

Thriving During the Pandemic:

  • Take care of yourself. Manage your mental health and physical wellbeing. Take positive and protective actions to reduce your risks of getting sick or spreading the illness to others. Your goal is to thrive despite the pandemic.
  • Feel good about yourself and about being alive. Meditation practices improve the ability to regulate emotions and ease anxiety. Commit to a routine for meditative sessions.
  • Keep your self-esteem buoyed up and entertain yourself with things that you love doing, explore your creativity.
  • Laugh at yourself. Laugh out loud each day because laughter is good medicine.
  • Remain proactive and flexible because adaptability matters. You will get better at coping with the lack of normalcy, and in the end, you will master living with COVID-19.
  • Reach out, show love, and caring. Hold on to the people in your life because social- support can help you thrive and succeed.
  • Connect by video calls with friends and family. Use either Skype, WhatsApp, Duo, Zoom, or FaceTime. Phone calls or texting are a great way to connect with those who are alone and quarantined. Schedule the meeting times.
  • Healthful lifestyle choices matter more as the pandemic drags on. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Regular exercising is beneficial. Eat healthfully. Keep in mind that diet and nutrition impact mental health and poor nutrition have a negative effect. Continue to engage in things you enjoy or find pleasurable.
  • Your spirituality can help as you cultivate the right mental state to manage the new daily challenges.

You are doing the best you can. So, be kind to yourself.