Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Walk For The Health Of It: Lose Covid19 Weight Gain

Woman walking  outdoorswith mask on

Is Covid19 Quarantine weight Gain getting you down?

The Covid19 pandemic has thrown a curveball into our daily living.and even our eating habits.

Are you surprised by your weight gain arising from the past few months of Covid19 quarantine? Has your weight crept up? Do you want to slim down? 

Take that first step. You will get excellent fitness and weight loss results from walking 30 minutes a day. Start with walking three to four times per week then, eventually increase to every day.

Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise no matter what your fitness level. It is a natural, healthful exercise for all age groups.

Make walking a priority even if you are busy. Get out into the outdoors. You can find a few minutes to do a brisk walk for a good workout. Walk for the health of it.

So, don your springtime attire. You will need appropriate comfortable footwear. While walking outdoors, safeguard yourself. Do not forget to wear your mask, honor physical and social distancing as recommended.

Follow all handwashing safety rules. All such actions are critical in fighting and containing Covid19.

Walking Physical Benefits: 

  • Walking increases energy levels making you more productive.
  • Brisk walking exercise boosts your metabolism, maintains, and increases lean body mass.  
  • Walking intensity is a great way to trim weight, burn body-fat, and calories.
  • Walking promotes better sleep eliminates fatigue associated with poor sleep.
  • Walking builds up muscles that are your body's prime load bearers.
  • Walking improves your cardio-respiratory system.

Walking Psychological Benefits: 

  • Walking enhances and improves mood, plus your ability to deal with anxiety and stress.
  • You can observe and enjoy your surroundings and plan your day.
  • You feel mentally more energized as you take pleasure in your walking.  

Make walking a priority even if you are busy. You can find a few minutes to do a brisk walk for a good workout. 

With the delightful spring weather fast approaching, now is the time to plan your activities with walking in mind.

Enjoy the sunny days you will benefit from daily walking workouts both physically and psychologically.