Thursday, August 22, 2019
 Your Physical Health And Well Being

Tai Chi Fuels Healthy Paybacks Learn More

woman doing Tai chi

On my early mornings walks during a visit to Cambodia it was always a delight to see groups of people on the Main Boulevard engaging in Tai Chi.

The exercise engages both young and old, there is no age limit to who can do Tai Chi. It's a great therapeutic exercise regime, a type of martial art known for its defence techniques and health benefits.

There are a number of different types of Tai Chi each has varying forms and levels of complexity. It's an activity that's typically practised outdoors which provides the opportunity to soak up some vitamin D and breathe in some fresh. But Tai Chi can also be done indoors.

  1. The exercise encourages gentle, rhythmic, meditative and graceful body movements. As an exercise technique Tai Chi is low-impact with fluid movements. There is no stress on your bones or joints because movements are not forced. Muscles always stay relaxed so that bodily movements are easy on the joints.
  2. Tai chi exercises help to lubricate your joints and increase the range of motion
  3. Tai Chi has been shown to, increase energy and build muscle strength. By shifting your weight from one foot to the other throughout the routine this helps to improve balance and strengthens the knees and legs. These exercises improve joint mobility, walking ability, enhances physical posture and results in fewer falls
  4. When practised regularly Tai Chi builds up strength in your core muscles and ultimately you'll feel steadier on your feet.
  5. .enerally Tai chi improves aerobic capacity and immune system response

Besides improving balance Tai Chi is viewed as an effective means of alleviating stress and anxiety. The exercises encourage a clearer mind that can help you handle stressful situations.

  • It's slow, deep breathing movements are designed to enhance relaxation, promote serenity, inner calm and peace.
  • In addition, the exercise practice is credited with fostering enhanced moods and is considered to be a form of 'meditation in motion'.
  • The gentle meditative exercises of tai chi are also said to be effective against brain deterioration
  • It is asserted by some mental health therapists that Tai Chi is an effective therapeutic option for treating symptoms of depression.

Other Benefits: There are  other reported healthful benefits of Tai Chi in people suffering from certain chronic diseases. These include diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic heart disease and Parkinson's disease.T

Taii Chi can improve blood glucose levels in Type 2 Diabetes, reduce high blood pressure and also make movements easier for sufferers of Parkinson's disease.For those who suffer from chronic systolic heart problems, the risk of heart attack and stroke is reduced through Tai Chi exercises.

Make The Move:

With all the fine outdoor weather ahead now is a great time to take a shot at learning Tai Chi. Say yes and let Tai Chi exercises be your next move. You'll reap the returns to enjoy a healthier and more energetic life.

Use it to reduce physical tension and stress, to improve psychological well-being and induce mental calmness. It will also help you to gain more coordination, balance, confidence in moving and increasedvitality.

Taking advantage of this form of exercise and its benefits is a great health choice.