Saturday, September 18, 2021
 Emotional And Mental Health

Be Your Best: Personal Change Begins With You

Man deciding which for in the road to take for personal change

Personal growth starts from within. When you are displeased with life not progressing as you expect, it is time to decide on personal change. It will mean phasing in new ways of thinking, new appreciations, new learning, mindset, and goal settings.

Personal change and growth happen when you desire to and take appropriate actions to accomplish it. Personal change requires an honest self-evaluation. Examine your life, how you are feeling about where you are. See what is missing, where you want to be, and what alterations are needed. 

Personal growth bolsters your development emotionally, mentally, and in all areas of your life. Personal growth involves  begins with a commitment to change.

Several core personality essentials are essential for successful personal change.These are acceptance, resilience, a commitment to change, able to forgive, self-love and self compassion.Assess and acknowledge where you stand with each of the following core essentials that underlie successful personal change and growth.

Acceptance :

  • Acceptance is a constructive essential. You accept criticism to steer you in the right direction. and for a candid self-evaluation. 
  • You acknowledge your weaknesses and recognize your strengths,
  • You  make the most of the given advice. Grab a hold of the advice offered by friends and family on your quest for enhanced personal growth. 
  • You can discern that support from caring relationships is valuable and indispensable.

Resiliency :

  • Your resiliency provides the power to bounce back from stumbling blocks. 
  • You appreciate that personal change is likely filled with disquiet, disruption, anxiety, and uneasiness.
  • You are prepared and anticipate difficult phases that may accompany the change process. 
  • You can hold-steadfast if your hope or strength diminishes. 
  • You embrace change no matter how difficult since it is a chance for a new beginning.
  • You are more than willing to face challenges.

 Commitment to Change:

  • You realize a commitment is fundamental to the change process. 
  • You are aware that commitment keeps you focused on a determined course of action to achieve a goal. 
  • You look forward with confidence to the challenges of experiencing the new.
  • Positive encouragement makes you more driven and enthusiastic.

Forgiveness :

  • You understand that to forgive can bolster personal growth.
  • You can cast aside resentments, frustrations, anger, and hateful feelings. 
  • You decide that letting go moves you forward on your journey of change for a Better You.


  • You value building yourself up and avoiding self-sabotage.
  • You choose to embrace self-compassion.
  • You want to cultivate your gifts, and is determined to be relevant and dynamic.
  • You are prepared to live your faith because your spiritual matters.
  • You grasp that love of self flourishes with positive self-talk.

What can you do to self-start the process of personal change and growth? Just remember your personal growth is a choice.

When your answer is Yes to the core essentials, you are ready to take the necessary actions to change. Your self-directed journey begins, be resolute to bear fruit, and thrive in your growth journey.  

Do not be afraid to ask for help irrespective of the size of the change.