sign this is the seasonCharity: A Worthy Thing This Christmas Season W Bennett

The Christmas season is a good time to think about helping others. Simply put, there are many people in your community and beyond who may not look forward to this time of year with anticipation and growing excitement.

Instead, they may dread this festive season because they are poverty-stricken or in need.

Be an angel: However you can be an angel in disguise by providing much-needed essentials or basic necessities of life; food, clothing and toys for families to enable them to experience the joy of the Christmas season.

Giving warmth, love, hope and sharing is a good thing because it is the general feeling and spirit of Christmastime.

Count your blessings: As fellow travellers on the journey of life, we each have a moral responsibility to care for others, to help the impoverished and indigent. It's a time to count your blessings for what you do have and to share your good fortune.

You have a lot more to give than you realize.

Charity matters: It's not only sharing your finances you can also give charity in-kind, like giving of yourself, your time or your expertise. Often a little smile or a hug makes a huge difference. Nothing beats being able to help someone right then and there or just doing what you can to ease the discomfort of another person.

Make a difference: If you have the ability then why not help someone in need, use any opportunity to help out and to make a difference. You will be amazed at how your acts of kindness and generosity will brighten your own holidays and the lives of those you help

What's more, it is often said that people who donate their time, expertise or money to others in need, generally enjoy better health. This effect no doubt would be an unexpected and worthwhile bonus.

So get busy, get involved, give thoughtfully and cheerfully, look around, help someone less fortunate than you and make someone else's Christmas a little special.