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Christmas is a wonderful time of year and I always look forward to celebrating it.

The real gift: I love to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, it's the advent of incarnate deity Christ is the Gift the perfect gift. So I celebrate the birth of Christ who is the centre of my Christmas.

A season of joy: Christmas brings out the best in many people, feelings of warmth, love and kindness abound at this most wonderful time of the year.

Even those that do not acknowledge Christ seem to give into the spirit of the season, they unwind, let loose and exhale. Christmas is truly a treasured special time of year, it's about hope, caring, sharing, giving, a time to be thankful and a time of joy.

It's a time like no other to cherish peace and goodwill.

Reflections of Christmastime: I also love the secular side of Christmastime. There is something special about the festive touches, the carols and decorating the Christmas tree, the lights, the sounds.

Along with the customary smells, the fancy baking, the best ever shortbreads and puddings and cooking of traditional foods getting them exactly right. Also hanging and discovering fun filled stockings and pulling apart the Christmas crackers.

Traditions Spirit of Christmas: It is eagerly a time of celebrations and traditions. Visiting the old homestead, reuniting with family and friends, spending time with those you love, kicking back and relaxing with family.

Going on the traditional family outing to the movies on boxing day.

Annual Connections: Seeing old friends on Christmas Eve at the annual open house with the special fare of eggnog, cheer and rich seafood chowder. Exchanging presents, the conversations and the memories that remind of Christmases past. Having a fresh snowfall and being cosy.

The joy and happiness in the air all these play an important role in the enjoyment of Christmastime.