A highway for road travelling tripSummer It Is Time To Hit The Open Road L Blue

The past 20 months have largely been homebound and an absence of travel. But now that things are opening up you may want to do a road trip to connect.

You have gotten your double Covid19 vaccine and are still committed to all public health recommendations of masking and distancing. Now it is your break out road trip your way.

It is summertime traveling the open roads and going on extended road voyages are a summer favorite. However, before setting out on a journey it is great to plan because you will minimize driving stress.

Attitude Matters:

Regardless of how well you've planned and prepared for your trip emergencies and frustrations may crop up. But it all depends on you, whether you allow small trials to spoil your excursion. Your attitude and your responses to events can go a long way to making your trip less frazzled and hassle-free.Your personality no doubt affects the way you drive but don't let your emotions dictate the way you drive.

Safety First on the Road:

Being behind the wheel for extended periods, unfortunately, may result in a lot of driving stress Driving is a potently instigating stressful activity because you are expected to take into consideration extremely fast-changing circumstances to avoid accidents. Any stress causes a negative influence on driving, increasing the likelihood of you being prickly or causing an accident. Your safety and driving safely should not be in doubt.

Manage Driving Stress:

  • Do not overreact or get stressed-out when you' ae behind the wheel, neither should you let the little things create a stressful and unpleasant drive.
  • If you are stressed at the wheel, your behavior can likely be more competitive, aggressive or hostile. As well, driving angry is perilous to you and other drivers.
  • If you feel angry because you have hit rush hour trafficor you're stressed-out from the ever-increasing demands of the road take time out.
  • Do not tailgate or engage in horn-honking at the slightest annoyance by others or if you get sideswiped in traffic.
  • Keep perspective when stuck in very onerous traffic.
  • When you start feeling stressed, simply say something nice out loud about yourself and take a few deep breaths, breathe slowly and deeply. This will get your brain thinking in a different way.

Always remember that smiling is a wonderful stress reducer and you do not have to have a specific reason to smile

Pre-Planning the Trip:

A little pre-planning can make the ride enjoyable, comfortable and void of anxiety. Your attention to ensuring a roadworthy vehicle can make or break the enjoyment of your road trip. Start by ensuring that the vehicle is in tip-top shape for the trip.

Putting together the right necessities for your trip can go a long way in making your trip pleasurable and lessen stress. On long road trips, a comfortable seat and neck cushion while traveling is a must have. As well as a cozy blanket or throw, warm socks and an extra sweater are invaluable soothing bits and pieces They can help boost your enjoyment, relaxation and comfort during the trip.

Handy Helps:

  • Keep utility items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, face cloths, tissues and a trash bag inside the car not in the trunk.
  • Your phone, chargers, hard copy of maps, a flashlight, hat or cap, a rain poncho and an umbrella are essentials to keep nearby.

You will avoid aggravation and keep your mood stress-free when essentials are handy.

Optimize Comfort:

  • Pay attention to your personal comfort during the journey. Pre-plan your entertainment, bring along a few CD's or a pen drive loaded with your favorite music to play in transit and to jazz up the journey. Sing along or be entertained as the miles disappear.
  • Don't forget to pack your camera, extra film or SD card. A crossword puzzle and a good book are great entertainers at breakaway stops.
  • While on the road drink extra fluids. Bring along water and juice and some fruits like watermelon, berries carrot and celery sticks for snacking. Staying hydrated is an extremely important aspect of healthy travel.
  • When it comes to food for the trip you'll be more likely to eat food that's healthful if you pack your own foods to eat. This will help steer you away from selecting fried and fatty foods that you may grab at fast food outlets.
  • Using pit stops on the way is also a great opportunity to stretch out your legs, back, shoulders and whole body or get a bit of exercise. If you're feeling fatigued or tired take appropriate rest stops for some shut eye and to be refreshed. 

Delight in The Journey:

  • You do not have to stay on a rigid driving schedule on your trip; have some fun, be flexible; explore and take scenic detours and sightseeing opportunities whenever possible.
  • Revel in the outdoor temporarily, the beautiful sunshine and new vistas. Discover places you've never visited before.
  • Take it all in stride do not be stressed out over little things. Stay cool and composed long-haul driving is always going to be a little bit stressful.
  • Take the pressure out of stressful driving situations by using available technological aids and safety systems.

Settle for a pleasant, enjoyable less stressed out  road trip.