Wednesday, November 25, 2020
 Emotional And Mental Health

Survive And Thrive With Your Flexibility

Hand with magnifying glass over the word flexibility

Unexpected stressful life events will happen and your coping ability matters. How you deal with sudden or uncertain events is critical. The extent to which you can cope with unexpected events, stressors, or changes explains your flexibility.

You can determine how you interpret and respond to these events with a flexible personality. Some events can be overwhelming causing you to doubt yourself. However, being flexible gives you an edge.

Below are the Benefits of Being Flexible

  •  Being of a flexible personality allows you to adapt in a timely way to unexpected events. To take decisive actions to not detach yourself from the situation. To actively engage in problem-solving by employing your talents, strengths, flexibility.
  • Confronted with an unexpected catastrophe you meet challenges with optimism. Faced with stress and adversity you can tap into a well of reserves. You are willing to change or adjust courses of action to make needed corrections.
  • You will move around obstacles with the courage to meeting the challenge head-on. You are adaptable to yielding or modifying. You are not rigid or fixed in thinking that one solution applies in every situation. 
  • You trust your inner voice. You view the world through an open, creative, and innovative lens. You honor your instincts, have confidence in your problem-solving abilities as you swiftly adjust to conditions. 
  • You take into account the special needs and circumstances of every unique situation you encounter. 
  • Your capacity to rapidly reflect upon your behaviors and motivations renders an appropriate response to the situation. You are receptive to consider what options can make a situation better. When something is not working, you will adjust until it works out. Not too attached to a single plan or strategy. 

You remain open to learning, thinking astutely, negating any fears even while feeling vulnerable and confronting change 

You view events as opportunities rather than impossible challenges. Keep things in perspective and avoid seeing the situation as unmanageable. 

Focus on the circumstances that you can alter and look beyond the present to future improved circumstances. You thrive on discovering more efficient ways to achieve.

Maintaining a flexible attitude makes a difference as you deal with stressful circumstances and traumatic events.