A woman thinking positive thoughts.Your "Self-talk" Can Tear Down Or Build Up L Mensah

Self-talk is that voice within, it is the conversations with yourself that happens whether you realize it or not. Not surprisingly, your self-talk affects all aspects of your life and practical everyday living.

There is more to your self-talk than you can envisage it can either build you up or tear you down.Take a step or two back to have another look at the words you use in your self-talk.

Self-defeating talk may generate thoughts of fears and doubts, of mistrust about your abilities. It can undermine your confidence or impact the realization of your goals and dreams. Think about all the unuttered dialogue that goes on in your head and the words you express to yourself in private.

Your words have the power to raise your levels of anxiety ,your stress levels or cut down your self-confidence. You are responsible for how you think about and talk to yourself. And you have the power to determine what talk is unrewarding and what is affirming and sustaining.

Begin to take control of your self-talk, be less critical of yourself, and stop ridiculing your inadequacies and shortcomings. Moreover avoid dwelling on negative self-talk. It is important to become conscious of any self-deprecating proclamations, put-downs and pronouncements that are harmful to your self-esteem or damaging to your body image.

It is essential to monitor and control your self-talk at all times because what you say and think to yourself determines how you act.

Your Words act to impact everyday living and to determine the trajectory of your life. So, speak to yourself words of encouragement, of hope, of positive expectation and support. Eliminate words like 'Can't' from your vocabulary. Make a choice that under no circumstances will you limit your possibilities.

You have to remould, redesign and restructure the words you say because your words have much weight. Ask yourself is this thinking in my own best interests or is my self-talk beating me up?

Now is a good time to restyle your language by putting it into a constructive self-talk mode. Likewise , banish distasteful, shameful or loathsome words from your catalogue of self-talk sayings or inventory. Your self-talk speech inventory needs to be filled with praiseworthy, impressive spirited and self-assured expressions.

Know that you have ultimate authority over your self-talk regarding what you think and say about yourself. You are in charge of your words spoken or simply thought of, therefore evaluate your self-talk and if you determine it to be negative change it.