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October is breast cancer awareness month are you informed and knowledgeable about this condition? My very young niece died from this illness. I've also lost some friends to it still, I have several friends who have survived and thrived since having breast cancer.

Every day people are diagnosed with breast cancer and every day die from it. It is a leading cause of death among women but men too develop breast cancer but their risk is

Awareness and good knowledge about breast cancer care is a key to survival. Early detection, improves the survival rate.According to research reports when breast cancer is detected early and confined just to the breast the five-year survival rate is extremely good

Self-breast-examinations done monthly are a boon to early diagnosis and treatment. However, there is much confusion and misconceptions about this screening procedure. The exam when done correctly is an invaluable source of information regarding your breast health.

While doing your monthly self-breast-examination, you'll need to take notice of any unusual changes in your breast tissue, such as a change in appearance or any lumps.

It is necessary to learn the proper technique of how to do this examination and how to determine what's to be done if changes are noted.

Likewise, mammograms are a reliable method of finding breast cancer. Generally, the screening protocols tend to suggest for whom and how often screening by mammography should take place. Discuss with your doctor the frequency of your mammogram screenings

These two breast screening procedures are a boon to early diagnosis and treatment.

Technological advances in screening go a long way to helping you stay well. However engaging in self-care is up to you, so keep up with your regular check-ups and be diligent with breast self-exams it can save your life.

Remember that early detection of breast cancer is critical if you want to survive, thrive and increase your longevity.