Black girl taking a napWhy Naps Are Your Best Pick-Me-Up L Mensah

Thinking of taking a nap to break up the hours or to tackle the midday sluggishness?

Do you suffer from the mid-afternoon slump? 

Did you enjoy a delicious meal only to nod off in a comfy chair?

Are you sleep-deprived or just looking for a way to relax?

Is there a change in how tired you are feeling? 

Feel Like Napping:

Ask yourself why you need a nap. Daytime naps and their benefits may be just what you need.

An increase in tiredness could be a symptom of a few different health conditions. Anemia, stress, anxiety, or depression can make you feel more tired than regular. Or if you have a vitamin deficiency lacking in Vitamin D, vitamin B-12, iron, tiredness is a symptom. Long naps are associated with an increased risk of diabetes and depression.

Taking a brief nap during the day is an efficient way to cope with post-lunch tiredness. To catch up on lost sleep or to help you feel more alert for the afternoon. A rapid fall in energy can leave you less lively and struggling to focus. Making time for a nap if you experience fatigue or unexpected sleepiness is best.

If you find your concentration is wavering in the afternoon while working from home, try a nap on your lunch break. Putting a short sleep in your daily routine will give your body a health boost. You can benefit from quiet time in the middle of a hectic day. 

Taking a nap also helps clear information out and lets areas of the brain recover. Naps are a natural way to recharge for the day. 

Benefits of Napping:

Napping can make a difference in your day. Once you wake up from daytime naps, here are benefits:

  • Reduces sleepiness
  • Improves cognitive performance
  • Boosts memory
  • Clearer mind and alertness restored
  • Concentrating becomes easier 
  • Attention span increases.
  • Improves motor skills, accuracy, and reaction times
  • Recovery from fatigue
  • Ease stress
  • Lift your mood and boost up higher energy levels 
  • Lower blood pressure

Napping Comfortably:

Naps of all lengths enhance body and mind. To reap most of the benefits, you must be mindful of the amount of time you plan to nap.

Keep naps short a 20 minute nap is the best length. This time range allows your mind and body to rest without entering the deeper sleep stages.

However, just a 10-minute nap in the afternoon can be enough to help you feel refreshed with significant performance improvements. 

Midday naps are not for sleeping the day away. Remember that napping will never replace the function of getting adequate sleep at night. 

Set a timer so that you do not nap for more than the required minutes. The alarm set lets you relax that you can wake as planned.

Wearing an eye mask, earplugs, settling in a quiet and comfortable place is helpful for daytime napping.